Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Tablescape

Welcome back everyone to A Southern Blossom, as promised I would like to continue my tour with my dinning room. I almost always keep the table set for a party of six with dishes and the whole nine yards...... Except during the holidays when I ask (force) Mr. SB to insert the extension for seating for eight.

The dishes are from TJ Maxx, and let me tell you I couldn't load that cart up fast enough. The napkins are from Target.

The centerpiece is a collection of candles and a few starfish nestled in a crate (another lovely find from Marshalls).

I don't know about you but I find that I have moods (color moods that is) and right now I'm in love with the color yellow, as you may have noticed from looking at this tablescape.

Just a little twine added to the candles to create some texture. I love house plants and have them everywhere.

See the palm in the background....

 The candle holders and the yellow candles are from Hobby Lobby.

In this photo you can see a cute burlap votive holder with a bee design.

Once again thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the dinning room tour, and thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments! 

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