Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shall we Dine?

I want to invite you over for a visit and share with you my kitchen table. Like most homes, the kitchen is the center of our home and when we have family meals this is where we gather. 

The table was given to me by my dear aunt Pam who recently went from living in a Traditional style home to a rustic log cabin and had no need of it anymore. I was most grateful to her for allowing me to have it. The table has a thick glass top with a concrete base, and seats six.

The chairs have traditional ball and claw feet. The seats are covered in a plaid fabric that matched my wall color exceptionally well I might say(must have been meant for me).

The place setting consists of a square burlap placemat, a rattan charger with a white scalloped charger atop that followed by my favorite white dishes, dinner plate and salad plate purchased from Marshalls.

Last but not least are the Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage plates in green. I adore these plates and I am always on the look out for more however they are most difficult to come by.

On vacation I could not resist stopping by Home Goods. While I was there I found these purple and white napkins...score! I have a strong feeling about lavender and various shades of purple lately, I must be having a premonition!

The Napkin rings are from Pottery Barn and have "friends and family" engraved on each one.

The kitchen nook is surrounded by windows and gets morning sun. I usually keep the shutters open so sitting in this area allows you to enjoy the porch(the door to the left) and the back yard.

The centerpiece is a large orchid arrangement. I made it large to help feel the expansive area since we have nine foot ceilings and a lot of windows.

Does anyone notice something missing? Hint: it's green and shaped like a cabbage. I had a terrible accident with three of my lovely Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage plates lets just say never trust a plate rack with your prize plates. I have not been able to replace them since, but I keep looking...

This is the lady of the house or as I like to refer to her: the official greeter. 
Her apron changes with the seasons and occasionally she wears a hat, today she's wearing but what else, her pearls. She's a true southern blossom!
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Along came a Beverage Tub

Recently I shared with you a plant stand that I discovered and instantly fell in love with. Actually what really happened while I was on vacation I seen it sitting in front of an antique store all alone, but Mr. SB was driving and he had already past by the store when it caught my eye, but that was all it took, because all that night I couldn't get it off my mind and the next morning I asked my mother-in-law and sister-in-law if by chance they would like to go junkin....and off we get it!

Originally after I bought(saved) this lovely wrought iron stand I foreseen it as a common plant stand, but no nothing is ever as it seems. Case in point.

After I returned from vacation I placed it in the dinning room corner where I carefully watched it for several days waiting for it to tell me what it would like to be.

And today it told me it wanted to be a beverage stand so I made it a reality. 
First I placed the punch bowl inside it, perfect fit.
Next I added the cups. Can't you just envision it all filled with your favorite punch recipe for the holidays.

Or filled with ice and your best refreshments.

Just the right height too.

I picked the bottle opener up recently at Pottery Barn(my favorite store) and I added a bottle of Innocent Bystander Moscato wine.

Well that's what it told me it wanted to be today anyhow!


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Junkin while on Vacation

Just had to share with you the Great items I found while out junking.

I just love this planter in all it's rusty chippiness! I can't wait to get it home and figure out where to place it, but I imagine a lovely fern cascading over the sides.

Found these old bottles, I think they will go on my mantle, but we will see.

I just love all things silver, and if you look close the top is monogramed. The two containers cost me $14, and the salad tongs were $8.

even found an old Reader's Digest for $5

The bottom was stamped with Victor Silver company logo

The monogramed top, it needs to be cleaned hard to make out the last initial 

Last but not least my 3 favorite pieces a blue Ball Mason jar with the zinc lid, a little mermaid and The American Family Scale. 

The scale was $10, but don't you just love that patina......

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Changes

I hope everyone in the South that's feeling the effects of this heat wave are staying safe and hydrated. It's times like this that I worry about Mr. SB, he has the kind of job that keeps him out in the heat for most of the day and as a nurse I get to see what happens to folks that get overheated(that's never a fun thing).

The heat would be all right if we didn't have this blanket of humidity to go with. When I think about summer I think about going to the beach, growing up I spent quite a lot of time at the beach picking up shells and sunbathing!
I still love the beach and I try to get my toes in the sand as much as possible, but when I'm not able to, I like to decorate the house to remind me of all the natural beauty the beach has to offer!

This is a photo of the foyer and how it looked for spring.

And this is how it looks for the summer all decked out with driftwood and shells, (some I collected from my many visits) as well as others that I purchased(like the starfish).

I added a lantern and the burlap runner for the neutral touch and I placed the large conch shell(which is all the way from the Bahamas) on top the books. I decided to keep the pineapple lamp.

Hope this summer change up helps get your mind off the heat for a while. In the meantime he's a couple of pictures I took on a recent trip to the beach, now doesn't the water look so refreshing!

Inter coastal waterway Ocean Isle Beach.

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