Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gobble till you Wobble...Thanksgiving Tablescape

 Thanksgiving for me growing up always represented food, family and thanking God.
The theme this year is all about being thankful for family, for health, and to God for providing us with all that we have here on earth.

When my husband was young he rarely celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving, given the fact that his parents worked in the restaurant business, and were always working during the holidays.

My family on the other hand always gathered for the holidays, and naturally when we started dating we included him in the family tradition.

A few years later when we started our family, we began a new tradition, which included preparing only our favorite foods and inviting family to our home for Thanksgiving. A tradition we have continued for the past 22 years.

Over the years we have shared our humble meal with many guess and there has always been plenty of food, and lots of good conversation.

The table may be pretty, the food maybe simple, but the memories are far more precious, and every year we thank God for providing for us once more.

My favorite part is knowing that as my son has grown-up he has always been surrounded by family, friends and these humble traditions.

And now I would like to share these traditions with you. Every year we cook a turkey and in my family we serve dressing(not stuffing) I know that is a hot topic!!

And every year my husband cooks something on his grill; it's his thing!

 I cook the dressing(it's a secret recipe), a recipe handed down thru 4 generations

and the sweet potato casserole. My in-law's prepare potato salad and collards!

 But I would love to know what your family does for the holidays? Are there special traditions?

Are you responsible for cooking certain speciality dishes? If so let's hear about them! 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this tablescape with me, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wild and Wispy Fall Mantle

Yep! That's how I see it wild and wispy! 
Except I have a decorating dilemma hanging above my valuable mantle space, it's approximately 48" of HDTV madness. You may have heard of these things or you may even have one yourself.....

When space is limited you try really hard to make the most of what you do have

Like adding several pieces of garland, lots of grapevine and as many floral picks as possible 

You know for the extra wild and wispy look

When space is a premium you might even decide to use the area beneath the mantle... for... I don't know maybe some pumpkins and lanterns

And you might even try really hard to photograph your mantle from every angle possible to avoid revealing the big dilemma

Like from underneath or from the side, but try as you might that big 48" dilemma just won't go just hangs there..

So for now my idea of a wild and wispy fall mantle comes to life under very limited circumstances.
Thanks for visiting,

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

Half-bath/mudroom makeover....Mr. SB and I have been very busy lately applying beadboard wallpaper, choosing paint colors and installing chair rail. We are finished at last and I am so excited to share with you the before, during and after pictures.
This is a glimpse of the half bath in the new color Laurel Mist by Behr paints.

But before I show you the finished look, let's take a look at this boring plain room. 
The wall color was light gray and the floors were also a light colored cream tile, which created boredom....and it screamed for a makeover!

See what I mean....Sad. Very Sad! But wait, beadboard wallpaper came to the rescue!

After searching the web and reading multiple blogs about beadboard wallpaper installation, we(I) decided to give it a try(Mr. SB was very hesitate about the idea of beadboard wallpaper.) Much to our(his) satisfaction the beadboard wallpaper went up fairly easy and quickly.

This is a view of the installation of the beadboard.

After the bead board was installed the fun was time for this plain boring room to received a coat of paint.

The paint man a.k.a my hero working his magic on the stairs.  That's Mr. SB holding the ladder for our painter(my hero.)

The color we chose was Laurel Mist by Behr and the trim color was Swiss Mocha by Porter paint.

With the furniture back in place and a small Fall vignette created the house was slowly coming back together.

This is the smallest half bath ever, however I was able to take a picture to share with you.
Mr. SB, his dad and uncle installed the chair rail.

I'm still deciding on accent colors, so many to chose from I'm thinking about lavender, beige, brown and orange. What do you think?
 I am almost certain the prints will be changed around because of the excess green in the pictures.

After several weeks of working on this project I am glad to have it completed and really like the overall look.
Goodbye old plain boring walls....hello color!

Thanks for stopping by.
Products use: 1 gallon paint Behr premium plus
1 and 1/2 rolls of Allen and Roth beadboard wallpaper from Lowe's 

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Friday, October 5, 2012

"The Official Greeter"

At A Southern Blossom the fall decorating is well underway, and with that said, it's time to show you my "official greeter's" Halloween attire....

I found this great tutorial at So I Saw This Tutorial blog. When I seen the cute lady bug costume that Christine created I knew that was exactly what the "official greeter" needed in her wardrobe!!!
I set out to gather the needed items: elastic for the waistband, tulle for the skirt, and a child size t-shirt plus appliqué. 

Cutting the tulle was the hardest part and really that was not very hard at all! I added a small bow in front and viola ! 

What do you think? Do you think the Trick-or-Treaters will find her amusing? Well the teenagers around here certainly think I'm wacky!

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A Small Introduction

 Welcome and thank you for stopping by my home (the one I have a not so secret love affair with).
For the past two years I have been following several blogs from the sidelines and now I have made the decision to become an active member of the blog community. Let me begin by taking you through on a mini tour of my home that I share with my husband, who will be  referred to as Mr. Southern Blossom or Mr. SB for short from now on, my son and a very grumpy Yorkie named Deuce.

This is the entrance to our home, I really like the stained barrel-vaulted ceiling, however I would like to change the light.

I purchased this bombe chest and placed it in the foyer when we bought the house and I really liked the two-toned wood, but since I started following blogs like Savy southern Style I really could envision it in a nice shade of Old Ochre by Annie Sloan.

I change this vignette often since it is the first thing guest see when they stop by to visit. This picture shows my spring look it's presently under construction.

This candle holder also hangs out in the foyer, it's a fun piece to decorate with during the holidays!

My sister-in-law Aaron talked me into picking up this owl one day while we out shopping at Kirklands and I really do like him he fits in well. Thanks Aaron!

This lantern was a score from my favorite store HomeGoods might I mention I love this store and would love to see one come to my town, then again Mr. SB probably would not like that.... it's a good thing I work to support my addictions.

Like this pretty little bee, on one of my many white pitchers.

This is the living room coffee table and as you may notice in the background I have a large TV over my mantle with very little room for decorating, but I squeeze every little bit out. The living room as two built in bookcases that are prime real estate!

This is the kitchen table that I love to create tablescapes for as well as my dinning room table and I will be sharing those with you in upcoming posts. I hope you enjoyed this mini tour and please stop by again as we tour the rest of our home even the parts that are under construction!


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