Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wild and Wispy Fall Mantle

Yep! That's how I see it wild and wispy! 
Except I have a decorating dilemma hanging above my valuable mantle space, it's approximately 48" of HDTV madness. You may have heard of these things or you may even have one yourself.....

When space is limited you try really hard to make the most of what you do have

Like adding several pieces of garland, lots of grapevine and as many floral picks as possible 

You know for the extra wild and wispy look

When space is a premium you might even decide to use the area beneath the mantle... for... I don't know maybe some pumpkins and lanterns

And you might even try really hard to photograph your mantle from every angle possible to avoid revealing the big dilemma

Like from underneath or from the side, but try as you might that big 48" dilemma just won't go just hangs there..

So for now my idea of a wild and wispy fall mantle comes to life under very limited circumstances.
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  1. Wow, I love your wild and wispy mantle. I sure wish I would have thought to add some grapevine though mine. It really makes a statement. I also love the color of the leaves next to the white mantle, it pops! Thanks so much for sharing! XO ~Liz

  2. Your mantle looks Fabulous....

    the wispy vines and twigs look superb~!

  3. I think you did a great job under the 48" circumstances, Karen! I kind of breathed a sigh of relief when my husband changed his mind about putting our television over the fireplace and we decided to use the sunroom as our tv room instead {in our new place}. Love the wild and wispy look you did. I'm sure it's a challenge to decorate with this situation and have both be happy.

  4. Love It! I know exactly where you're coming from. My dilemma is 55 inches and we had to buy a reclining sofa so I wouldn't continue to have a crook in my neck for the rest of my life! The things we have to put up with. LOL

  5. Karen, you have worked with your 48" dilemma beautifully! Your wild and wispy mantel is so pretty! I love the adds great texture; and the colors are wonderful! Great job!

  6. Love the grapevine you used to the garland. Super!!

  7. I like the wildness! Love the lantern and your surround is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Saw you over at BNOTP. Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  8. This looks awesome! Your wild and wispy garland is very attractive.
    The lantern is sharp!

  9. I don't have that dilemma, but I can totally empathize. I think every married woman out there has some variation of that dilemma. I think you've done an amazing job prettying up your dilemma!

  10. I love your mantle! Looks really nice!

  11. i am your neighbour at met mon, love the autumn colours!

  12. I can so relate, as I have one of those giants over my mantle too.

  13. Hey, Karen! I have heard a lot of friends express the same disdain for the "HDTV madness" their husbands have insisted must go above the fireplace. I can only imagine what a nightmare that is for a lot of people because it does severely limit the available vertical space. I go back and forth on whether or not I would prefer our TV there. We currently have it in an armoire on another wall which means the sofa is facing in THAT direction rather than toward the fireplace where I would prefer least in the cold months. Getting rid of that armoire would sure free up a lot of real estate on the floor, too! So we all have our decorating cross to bear! :-) You have done a slam bang job of making the absolute most of the space you have on this mantel!!! Extending the decor down is the perfect solution! How on earth did you get it to all stay on the mantel!?!??!! I'm always battling heavy garlands wanting to fall forward. NOT good! My husband has asked me to please not nail or staple anything into the wood mantel, and the wall behind it is brick, so...:-( You created something gorgeous that puts an effective end to the "HDTV madness"!!!! Beautiful!!!

  14. I LOVE your wild and wispy mantle!!! The fall colors arr my very favorite. We just moved into this house 10/1 and we BOTH decided nOT to have the 42 inch dilema over the mantle:):) We have one in the morning room, in both of our offices, downstairs in the family room and oe upstairs in the bonus room. That is ENOUGH dliemas!!!!!!!!!! You sure do a great job of working around it though. XO, Pinky


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