Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just A Bunch of Pumpkins

Pumpkin: a squash or gourd-like fruit commonly used during the Autumn season for decorations or for making deserts.
 I must confess:
 I have a slight obsession for pumpkins (or so Mr. SB says.....) how could he possibly think this?

Could it be because I have those sweet little oddly shaped gourds all over the house? Perhaps...

Let's have a look around the house and see for ourself. 

There are pumpkins on a coffee table

and a jack-0-lantern in the foyer

and little ones on the dinning room table, see
Tom Turkey is nestled in between a bunch of pumpkins.

There are grapevine pumpkins

and shiny pumpkins

and even pumpkins with bows.

There are pumpkins inside lanterns,

 in the foyer and in a mudroom.

There are green ones and brown ones

and even orange ones.

There are pumpkins up high on a shelf

and down low on a shelf,

and all around the shelf.

 There are even pictures of pumpkins sitting on a shelf.

There are pumpkins behind doors,

and pumpkins in a basket with green gourds.

And finally there is even a basket full of pumpkins.....

placed beneath a shelf.

Someone please contact Pumpkins Anonymous I think I need help!
Thanks for visiting,
The pumpkins will soon be returned to storage and the Christmas obsession will be revealed ;) See you soon!


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